Back Pain at Home

There are occasions where you are unable to come in and see us here in our Myrtle Beach chiropractic clinic, you may be away on vacation or it might be the weekend or don’t have the ability to travel in. Whatever the reason, your back is hurting and it’s not really bad enough to visit urgent care but you don’t want to be in discomfort, so what can you do? There are things you can do at home to help it, so that’s the good news. And there really isn’t any bad news unless these things don’t work and then you really should come in and see me.

So the three things you can do to help your back right now are:

Ice it

Apply ice pack to the afflicted area for no more than 20 minutes at a time. You can do this several times a day, or if you only have time for once a day, then 2 hours before you go to bed would be the optimal time. The point is to get the inflammation down, especially as your discs hydrate at night and you wake up stiff in the morning. With the inflammation down, then you should wake the next morning in better shape.

Anti Inflammatory

If you feel pain or tightness coming on, then take an anti inflammatory like ibruprofen. This will help to reduce the inflammation and provide you with relief for a few hours. If you can’t take anti-inflammatories, check with your primary what you can take for the pain. This will at least help you to temporarily ease your pain until you can come in.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are a great way to help with your back pain. They cost around $35 from Amazon or Walmart and if you lay on the roller and then scoot up and down gently on it and you should be able to crack your back. When that crack occurs, then you’ve decompressed your back and it does a similar job to what a chiropractor does. If it is too painful for you to do, then don’t do it, just do the first two points and come in and see us.

These three simple ways can help you get through the pain until such time you can come in to see us in our Myrtle Beach office. But if are unsure, ask me. Call me. Email me. Facebook message me. Google message me. Come in and see me.

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Dr Ray Marquez DC

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