5 Great Ideas to Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

Sleep is something that many people struggle with these days, I know myself I can fall asleep, but staying asleep is often another matter. So while reading Tim Ferris’ book, Tools of Titans, I’ve come across 5 great ideas to get to sleep and stay asleep. Being able to sleep is vital for all of us at the best of times, but when I see my pain patients saying that they struggle to sleep, it means the problem is even worse, because sleep is vital to the body healing itself. If you cannot get a good night’s sleep with pain, your problem could increase. Kind of a catch 22 situation.

So, here’s the 5 great ideas to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Idea 1 – Decompress the Spine

This is the first idea, and I was pleasantly pleased and surprised to see it. It talks of decompressing the spine because all day long we are busy working and gravity continues to push down on us, compressing the spine and impeded on our nervous system from operating properly. So each night, decompress your spine. How? There’s a few options out there, if you’re fit, then gravity boots would help. Basically with gravity boots, you hang upside down for ten minutes which allows your spine to stretch and decompress. Any trapped nerves can be released and tension in your body is treated and allows you to relax.

If the gravity boots aren’t for you, then an inversion table is a better way to go. You simply lay on it, and it spins upside down. The result is the same as the boots though.

Releasing this tension will help you get a better night’s sleep.

Idea 2 – Chilling Pad

Ever get too hot at night? Your partner’s body heat helps to raise the temperatures even more, and you wake up in a sweat, throw the covers off your side of the bed, then wake up a little later you wake up again because you’re cold and need the covers back. A chilling pad may be the answer. This is a thin sheet that goes under your main sheets and helps to regulate the bed temperature so it’s never too hot or cold. You can set up one for each person as well.

If your temperature is constant, there’ll be less reason to wake up, leading to a better chance of a solid sleep.

Idea 3 – Bedtime Tea

Maybe one of the oldest ideas for getting a good night’s sleep, but it works very well. There’s a few teas that can really help, honey apple cider vinegar with warm water, yogi soothing caramel bedtime tea, of the the most extreme cases, try California poppy extract. They should all help to relax and move you towards sleep.

Idea 4 – Visual Overwriting

Tim suggests playing something like Tetris before going to sleep at night. It helps to relax the brain and take away stressful thoughts, and relax you. Of course, if your device allows it, turn off the blue light on it so that that doesn’t keep you from falling asleep. Many phones have an app to automatically turn device screens to a night time mode which removes blue light. Alternatively, you could watch an uplifting tv show before bed, but the trick is to take the mind to a happier or calmer place before sleep.

Idea 5 – Into Darkness

The final idea is to wear a facemask and even ear plugs to drown out all external visuals and sounds. This too can help extensively with sleep.

Any and all of these ideas will give you help to falling asleep and staying asleep. Especially with pain or illness, your body really needs the downtime to heal and focus itself on making you better. Any help you can give it will be good news for you. So try these 5 great ideas to get to sleep and stay asleep and see the effects it will have on your life. Check out the accompanying video on my youtube channel.