5 Great Tips to Start Your Day

One important part of well being is the way you start your day. There are of course many ways each of us begin our days, but making a conscious effort each and every day to train ourselves to starting the day on the right foot will help us to lead healthier and happier existences. Each of these five points comes from Tim Ferris’ book, and focus on what many billionaires, successful people, and even world class performers do each day. If it works for them, it can most certainly work for all of us.

Make Your Bed

Before you start your day, as soon as you get up, make your bed. A famous military general was always adamant about getting his units to make their beds, his philosophy was that no matter what day you have, whether in battle, a hard day’s training, or whatever, ending the day with the ability to climb into a nice made bed is paramount. This applies to us in our civilian life too, because it enables us to go to bed on good terms, without having to battle or face an untidy bed.


Meditating is an incredible tool for each of us to use on a daily basis. There are many apps available that can help us to meditate and encourage us to train our minds. They say it takes just seven consecutive days of 10 minute meditation to help us, and the more we do it, the better we can be.

Simple Exercises

Even if you don’t work out, or have time for it on a particular day, a set of reps or exercises each morning helps to get the blood pumping, helps reduce blood pressure and to keep ourselves fitter and healthier. Ferris suggests 10 or so push ups each day at the least to help us achieve that goal.

A Spot of Tea

Drinking tea has great benefits and is an able substitute for coffee. There are of course many types to choose from and they provide good health benefits. They can help give you energy and so on.


Writing a journal each morning is another excellent way to train your mind and to remain positive. We often suffer from stresses and anxiety, and these are negative emotions that do nothing to help. They are fears about the future. If you journal for five minutes each day, just focus on things that you are grateful for, this will help negate the negativity of future outlooks. In my clinic, I treat people with neck pain as they have their head’s forward to look at a computer or cell phone. I give them exercises that encourage them to tilt their heads back. In this way, it negates the effects of the neck being tilted forwards.

These are five very simple, but great ways for you to benefit from starting the day out. They don’t take long, perhaps 30 minutes of your day, but the impact can be significant on our outlook. Even if you are in pain, or suffering, maintaining these 5 great ways to start your day can have positive impacts on your life.