Three Great Tips to Save Money on Healthcare

Why American healthcare is so expensive is a topic that’s as common in the US as talking about the weather is in the UK. Unfortunately, we don’t really have a healthcare system in the US anymore, it’s more akin to a sickcare system which only pays out (if we’re lucky) when we’re sick. There are few preventative measures like I spoke about in my first talk on this subject.

It’s also very common to hear stories of people being treated or tested for their ailments or illnesses, only to be shocked at the resulting bill that arrives some weeks after. There are ways to keep these bills down, as this blog post talks about. For a more detailed explanation, head over to our YouTube channel where I speak on more depth on it. But this gives the key points and what you can do to help yourself save money on your healthcare.

How Much Will it Cost?

Always start by asking how much the procedure or testing will cost. You won’t believe the number of times people don’t even think to ask this question and then a few weeks later get a big shock when the bill arrives. Think of it this way, if your car needs repairs, what is the first thing you ask about? Yep, that’s right, how much will it cost. In this country, your health is no different.

Will it Make any Difference to the Way I am Treated?

This is an important question, particularly in non threatening conditions. What difference would it make in treatment? If there is no difference, is there really a need to have the test? Maybe there is, but that’s something to decide upon depending on the complaint.

As an example, someone comes in to my clinic with a shoulder complaint. Now we can send them over for an MRI scan to see exactly what is going on, but would it change the way I treat them? Probably not. So depending on what’s going on, I would treat them, and if there was no response to treatment, then would perhaps be the time to get an MRI done. If they respond to treatment, fantastic, money saved and they get better.

What about Alternative Treatments?

There’s often more than one way to treat a patient. Many physicians are part of bigger organizations that have standard protocols they generally adhere to. This isn’t to say that they are robots and don’t know what they are doing, because they know. What they might not necessarily know is the cost of certain tests or treatments, and they simply check off on their standard list.

Medication is a prime example. There may be a cheaper generic alternative to the medication prescribed. By default, the doctor would probably prescribe the expensive drug, but if you question at this point whether an alternate cheaper drug would work, then they can make that change and save you money.

These are all basic and elementary questions to ask, but getting answers to them all will help determine your costs and if you really need these test and examinations in the first place. You always have to remember that healthcare in this country is a business and it’s only when you start questioning and challenging certain advice or treatments will you save money. Once again, these are just some more reasons as why American healthcare is so expensive.

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