We have seen many patients at our back pain Myrtle Beach chiropractor clinic. We have seen many back pain problems and want to tell you the number one reason for back pain, and three ways that you can improve it. Almost all the patients we have had have helped get better through our techniques.

By taking a look at all of the patients that we have had here, we’ve come up with an overall reason for back pain. Compression of the furteval joints (squeezing of the back) is the number one reason for back pain. We fight gravity all day and it is pushing on us constantly; we are sitting in chairs all day, exercising, and there are also genetic factors that are involved with compression of the back.

This compression causes discomfort and pain for many people.

What can we do about life compressing our backs? Lucky, our back pain Myrtle Beach chiropractor has several solutions.

The first way is through chiropractic manipulation.

When we adjust your back, we are essentially decompressing the joint. By decompressing the back, it loosens everything up and that helps take your pain away.

The second way is tractioning the spine.

A good way to do this is by inversion tables. Hanging upside down or using foam rollers helps as well. Some chiropractors or physical therapists also have machines that can help for this.

The third way is simply using ice.

When the joint is inflamed, there is fluid, build up and pressure. Ice helps to take all of the inflammation down which helps reduce compression.

Our back pain Myrtle Beach chiropractor wants you to know that back pain is a common occurrence in many people. By doing the three things suggested: chiropractic manipulation, tractioning the spine, and icing your back, can help reduce back pain and get you functioning properly again.

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Dr Ray Marquez DC

Dr Ray Marquez DC is a chiropractor and the owner of Back Pain Relief Center. He has two branches, one in Vineland, New Jersey, the other in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To learn more about him, check his site at Back Pain Relief Center Vineland or Back Pain Relief Center Myrtle Beach

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