I’ve been doing chiropractic care and treatments to patients for close to two decades in Vineland New Jersey and here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In that time I have seen thousands of patients and helped them find pain relief. In many cases though, I have found that it often takes a multi discipline team effort to helping the more severe cases to find that relief.

What this means is multiple doctors and multiple therapies in order to get better again.

In the early stages of a doctors career, you feel that you can help and fix anything, but in time as you mature and grow wiser you see that other treatments in conjunction with yours is the better way to go for these types of patients.

So for example, in certain cases, chiropractic care or physical therapy may be too much for a patient. But if that patient sees their primary doctor or a pain management doctor and receives medication to ease the pain, then they come back to us at Back Pain Relief Center, we can then get in and fix the problem. So in this case, the medication provides enough relief for us to get into the source of the problem and treat it. The pain medication doesn’t fix it, but is merely a tool to help us get in.

Chiropractic really compliments the medical doctors in getting patients out of pain faster and more efficiently.

Why is this? Well, in every day wear and tear (we’re not talking about diseases or anything like that here), there are two major reasons for getting pain in the spine.

The first reason is bio-mechanical problems, so degeneration, herniated or bulging discs, the muscles become tight, loss of motion occurs and the joints are compressed as a result. When all that doesn’t work right, it dysfunctions and when that happens, inflammation occurs. Inflammation is the primary pain factor here. What chiropractic care does is reverses these actions by unloading and decompressing the joints and loosening the surrounding muscles and getting the joints back to normal function as close as possible. In the long term that will get inflammation down.

However, if we work with a pain management doctor where the patient goes in and receives appropriate medication which helps reduce inflammation faster and comes back for chiropractic care, then that patient will tend to get out of pain that much faster and better. And in today’s fast society, that’s very important.

This approach also has another great benefit. It gets another set of professional eyes on the matter.

So if you have back or neck pain, come in and see us. We will examine you and work out the best direction for you. We can treat you and if needed, we can refer you out to the most appropriate doctors to compliment treatment in order for you to get out of pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But the goal is to get you as close to full fitness as possible.

If you have any questions, you can walk in and see us, or call (843) 804-8100 or message me on Facebook.


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Dr Ray Marquez DC

Dr Ray Marquez DC is a chiropractor and the owner of Back Pain Relief Center. He has two branches, one in Vineland, New Jersey, the other in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To learn more about him, check his site at Back Pain Relief Center Vineland or Back Pain Relief Center Myrtle Beach

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