Is Chiropractic Care Good to Help Degenerative Joint Disease, Canal Stenosis and Herniated Discs asks MB Chiropractor?

We’ve been getting some questions regarding how chiropractic care is with degenerative joint disease, canal stenosis and herniated discs . Some get worried or hear that chiropractic care will make them worse or sorer, but that isn’t actually the case. Our MB chiropractor explains.

Firstly, degenerative joint disease is simply wear and tear of the joints from the tribulation of life. It could be from an old accident or injury, some kind of repetitive stress disorder and even genetics can play a part. So it’s something that takes many years to form and once you have it, you have it.

So essentially, the problems I see in my clinic are where the disc has a decreased height through compression and then herniates. When it herniates, it pushes out and can then impact a nerve which can cause pain going down the leg or the arms. It can also create problems in other areas of the body such as the facet joint, affecting ligaments and even producing bone spurs.

Canal stenosis (also called spinal stenosis) is where any one of the above issues causes the hole where the spinal cord comes through smaller in diameter which means there’s less room for error as nerves and the cord have less room to “breath” so to speak.

Herniated discs are where the joint becomes compressed and pushes the jelly like substance (the disc) out to the front or back and thus causes pain.

The question I recently received on Facebook relating to the above was that “I’ve always been told that chiropractic care can make my issues worse, but can you help?”

Well, we can boil down a dysfunctional joint to being compressed for a long period of time. It’s this compression that causes some of the instances already spoken about previously.

Well the whole concept of chiropractic manipulations if you dumb it down, is actually to decompress the joint. The act of the manipulation is to unload the joint and to free it up which increases range of motion. This increased range of motion means less friction and less degeneration and thus less inflammation. In short, it helps you to move a lot better and be in less pain.

We can do this by manual manipulation, so when you hear backs cracking or popping, this decompresses the joint. We can use instruments to help break up scar tissue and also work on muscles to loosen them up and thus take pressure off the joints. All these techniques used together can help reduce the problems in your back and thus reduce pain.

Now we will examine you before any treatment is carried out and we will tailor our treatment options around you depending on various factors such as age, level of degeneration and so on. So there’s no one size fits all, it’s always based on the individual patient and their needs.

In short, spinal manipulation through chiropractic care is a very powerful tool in helping these conditions to help reverse the effects of them.

If you have any questions or concerns, message me on Facebook, call the office (843) 804-8100, or simply walk in and we can talk.

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Dr Ray Marquez DC

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