Do Chiropractors Help Neck Pain?

Do chiropractors help neck pain? Simple answer is yes. Neck pain has become a more common problem with people these days. Technology is a major factor, think about your own posture when working on a computer or even looking at your phone. Then consider the fact that additional pounds of weight are being added to the head for every degree that it is tilted forwards. It’s no surprise that many are suffering from pain and ultimately, the condition should be treated or reversed as soon as possible. There is even a case that neck pain is more critical than back pain due to the complexities of the neck area.

What happens when we get neck pain? How does it occur?

There’s a few reasons for it, but the most common is compressed dysfunctional vertebrae. This means that something has happened to make the joints in the neck not operate correctly. It could be from an injury, whiplash, sleeping the wrong way, but perhaps the most common is poor posture, but there are many factors that can compress joints and cause pain.

How neck pain forms is the joints become compressed. This compression means they don’t move as they should and thus become dysfunctional. Inflammation builds up due to friction and this creates pain. The repetitive nature of the dysfunction causes more problems, more friction and more inflammation, and can even create pain elsewhere in the body too.

This pain can be sharp, dull, aching, tight or even reflected into the shoulders and back too. It can even create numbness or tingling down the arms into the hands.

Ultimately, it is something you don’t want to ignore and get it treated as soon as you feel you are having problems because treating neck pain that has established itself over time can be harder and more complex to treat.

What can be done about it?

There are a few things that can be done to help counter the effects of neck pain.

  1. Ice. Apply an ice pack to the area that’s hurting and keep it there for 20 minutes. No more, no less, 20 minutes. If you can do this a couple of times a day, fantastic, but if not, a couple of hours before bed is best. It might take a few days before you notice any difference, so be patient and you will soon see that you are able to move your neck further with less discomfort.
  2. Get adjusted. The primary question is do chiropractors help neck pain? Yes, they do, because adjusting the neck deals with decompressing it. Using chiropractic manipulations or adjustments, the goal is to get to the cause of the issue and to decompress the joints. The decompression means that the area is able to function properly and the issues that come with compressed joints will not occur.Some people do have a fear of chiropractors, and the whole neck cracking issue that gets a lot of attention, but in reality, there are many different techniques that can be applied to adjusting a neck. If the neck cracking does put you off, then there are many other more conservative methods that can generate the same effect without having to have your neck cracked.  So don’t let that put you off, but the bottom line, if the joints are not decompressed, then the problem will never go away. So chiropractic care most certainly can help neck pain.
  3. Home traction techniques. We can help you with techniques and things you can do at home and show how to keep on top of your own personal treatments to keep your neck pain at bay.
  4. Take anti-inflammatories. To help take the edge of the pain and to help with inflammation, taking a couple of ibroprofen can certainly help. While it won’t fix the problem, it can take the excess pain out of the equation while the above techniques are applied.

So basically, to help with any neck pain, ice, chiropractic care, traction and anti inflammatorys altogether can really help reverse the effects of neck pain. Do chiropractors help neck pain? Absolutely, and if you are suffering yourself, call us and let us help you. We are a walk in clinic and do not offer long term treatment plans. If you feel better, great, come back when you need us again.

If you want to call, call us on (843) 804-8100 or you can even message me on Facebook. And while we are a walk in clinic, you can set up an appointment if you like so you can be sure to be seen when you want. See our appointment calendar.

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