The shoulder joint is one of the most complex parts of the human frame. So much goes on and when pain is experienced, then identifying and helping it can be difficult. Certain issues like tears, the rotator cuff and frozen shoulder syndrome all present different approaches to how it is treated and what can be done. From a chiropractic perspective, we are seeing more and more patients coming in with shoulder pain. The reason may be due to chiropractic treatment being more readily known to be able to treat it or even the way we are in these modern times, ie work and lifestyle. At my 29588 chiropractor clinic, I have put together a video on my thoughts below and this blog post sums up the thoughts behind it.

As I do a lot of judo and workout a lot, I suffer from shoulder pain too. While the pain is annoying, it isn’t anything that requires surgery on, so I do look out for it and get it treated as often as I can. Being over 40 also has an impact as the years of physical training and bouts have an affect on the body.

With the shoulder, it’s important to note that although it’s a complex system of joints and muscles, there are also joints and muscles above and below it. If these areas start to become problematic and dysfunctional, then eventually, it will affect the shoulder function as well due to compression, scar tissue and adhesions that build up over time.

This means that the shoulder may not be able to function properly and over time and repetitive action, this too will create problems.

At Back Pain Relief Center, before we treat shoulder problems we’ll look to get an X-Ray or even an MRI of the area so that we know exactly what we are dealing with at the beginning. We may even need to refer out to orthopedic doctor if necessary depending on what’s going on. But if we can help you, we will and we generally start by treating the muscles and joints around the shoulder before moving onto the shoulder itself to help with a balanced approach. It means that the whole area will become looser and decompressed rather than simply the shoulder itself.

If we just focused on the shoulder itself, then very quickly the shoulder would revert back to its dysfunctional state and cause pain again. So with this balanced approach to above and below as well as the shoulder itself, we can help your entire back and stand a better chance of getting you pain free properly.

While you are here, we will suggest exercises to help with the treatment that you can do at home. One exercise involves laying down on a foam roller and simply rolling over it. This helps to decompress the joints more and provide a lasting effect. Another exercise is to simply hang by your arms for as long as you can, maybe 30 seconds. Again, this helps to stretch out and to decompress those joints.

As I say,we deal with a lot of shoulder issues and we feel very confident of helping you if you do too. We are a walk in clinic here at our 29588 chiropractor clinic in Myrtle Beach. Come in and see us, or call 843-804-8100, or even message me on Facebook.

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Dr Ray Marquez DC

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