Naturally, being a chiropractor here in Myrtle Beach, I see a lot of back and neck pain patients. Back pain is the most common complaint closely followed by neck pain. Then we see shoulder pain patients, carpal tunnel, sciatica and many more. What surprises me is how many people have been suffering in pain for so long. Many have suffered pain for months while others for years, finding no solution or resolution to their pain.

Despite this, I do believe everyone can improve with their pain, it may just take the right doctor or type of treatment, or even blend of treatments.

However, expectations of a 100% recovery may not be possible but any improvement, whether it’s 10%, 20% or 50%, is something that should be able to be achieved. And that extra bit of improvement could be the difference between not sleeping well at night to getting better sleep, it could mean the ability to walk a little, it could mean the ability to do more of the things you love. Any improvement is a positive.

What I do see is that many people seem to sit in one camp of treatment that aren’t open to the possibility of other types of treatment. For example, many people are into chiropractic, physical therapy and even holistic ways of treating pain, whereas others are firmly in the medication camp. And that’s fine, but sometimes depending on the pain and the condition a blend of the two can be beneficial.

On their own, either camp may not make a significant difference, but utilizing the benefits of both, further healing could occur. For example, if someone is suffering from sciatica and they have been taking pain killers to ease the pain and hope the condition eases off, that may not be the best solution. If that person takes medication and then comes in for an adjustment of physical therapy which physically treats the condition, then chances of significant improvement are increased.

So it may take a blend of medication and chiropractic, or a blend of injections and acupuncture or yoga and chiropractic, or stretching exercises and pain killers. You have to find out what works for you the most because we are all different and everyone’s condition is different, including pain tolerance levels.

At Back Pain Relief Center here in Myrtle Beach, our goal is to help you get out of pain. If we can do it ourselves, fantastic, our mission is complete. But if we can’t or we need some help from another type of doctor or treatment then we will absolutely help to refer you on in order to get the treatment that is right for you.

If you have tried other treatments and not chiropractic yet, give us a call, or simply walk in, no appointment is necessary. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or message on Facebook.