Head Tilt and Headaches- Are They Connected?

So many people are opting to work on their laptops in airplanes, coffee shops airports, walking down the streets, on the train and other places. So, how does working in such environments affects one’s neck and does it contribute to frequent headaches?

The Study

A study conducted in 2016 compared females with the same age who used laptops in a forward head and head tilt position to see if there is any significant difference.

How the Research was Conducted

The research team measured the women angles for head-tilt, maximum head protraction also known as chin-poking forward and forward head position while using computers and when at baseline position(natural resting). They measured the wilting of the participant’s postures while working on a laptop vs. posture when at rest.

The Results

The headache group showed a 22.3% increase in head protraction compared to the other control group at rest.There was a significant different in the comparison of the ratio of the forward head position and maximum head protraction during the regular sitting. This significant difference proved to be worse in the headache group. Similarly, the problem group demonstrated to experience problems when in the laptop work head position.

The Conclusion

By the end of the study, in the two measurements, the headache group showed poorer postures even when at rest position. Additionally, it was even worse when in a forward head posture while using a laptop.


The researchers recommended that patients with headaches and neck pains should receive management therapy that includes posture retraining exercises to achieve long-term success.

The study illustrates the need to have activities like conscious head re-positioning, deep neck flexor muscles strengthening, chin-retractions, Cervical traction, and exercises for managing scapular stability. Besides when you look at a person from any side, you should imagine a perpendicular line passing through your ear canal and then through your hips, ankle, and shoulders.In case you are in a forward head posture, the front should move forwards in the above body landmarks.

Earlier Research Showings

The previous research showed that your head weighs around 5.44 kg( 12 pounds). With every single inch of forward head positioning it causes your upper back and neck muscles to hold down with an additional load of 4.53 kg(10 pounds) to help keep your head upright. For example a forward head position of five-inch adds around 22.67 kg(50 lbs)of weight to your upper back area and neck.That is why this kind of posture leads to a headache and chronic neck complaints.

The most recommended solution is spinal joint manipulation. It’s one of the fastest actings, satisfying remedies for headaches and neck pains and it often offered by chiropractic doctors. However, when you combine manipulation and exercises, you will receive long-term results.


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The above information should not in any way be substituted for chiropractic or medical advice. All your healthy actions decisions and concerns should be done through the counsel and guidance of your healthcare professional who knows your health history.

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