Surfside Beach Chiropractor Describes a Great Workout Method Designed to Help You Train

Do you work out a lot but suffer chronic back pain and this causes many missed sessions? Do you find yourself pushing hard on the weights but then have aches and pains the following day that it’s hard to function? This post is for you. I too suffer from chronic pain and have been weight lifting and working out since I was a teenager. The problem now is as I get older, many of the ways I have worked out in the past are catching up with me. Combinations of poor techniques, past injuries and even genetic factors have seen me sitting out of many sessions that I would otherwise have participated in.

Pushing through the pain barrier is not always the best thing to do as I have found injuries occur more often and this keeps me from working out and being on the mat more often than I want. But recently I came across a technique called Flow Training and while I am still in the early stages of understanding it and implementing it, it actually makes perfect sense.

If you’ve not heard of it, the main concept is that it teaches you to not push your body to the max limit twice a week, but to cut back on the intensity in your training, but do more volume per week. As an example, if you find that 10 pull ups is your max each session and it’s taking everything out of you to get there, then cut back by 25% or 50%. So do 5 pull ups over 5 sessions per week as opposed to two batches of 10 a week. This way you will not be pushing your body to the limit and actually doing an extra 5 pull ups. It’s the same toll on your system, with extra output, but your body is not being pushed to its limits thus potentially aggravating or causing injury.

So the basic principal is to do less more frequently.

I have been putting this idea into practice over the past few months and I am seeing the benefits. I feel fit and healthy and I am not injured as much. Before I’d push and push and then be out injured for a couple of weeks which is a problem. With Flow Training, I am not getting injured and I am still maintaining a great level of fitness by doing less more often.

This decrease in intensity has been very beneficial and I am finding myself more consistent with my fitness overall. Naturally, when I go to compete in judo tournaments, then my intensity does increase to help me get to my peak, but it’s more controlled and in short bursts, and then I can drop down to a good level of consistent fitness training.

So if you do suffer from back pain or injuries, try this method to help you stay in shape and injury free.

If you have any questions give me a call (843) 804-8100 or message me on Facebook and I can help you. And of course any pain, just come in and I’ll be happy to treat you.

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Dr Ray Marquez DC

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