Manipulation under anesthesia is a procedure that has been around for many years and has helped countless people who have been suffering chronic back & hip pain. Indeed, we have many Myrtle Beach back & hip pain sufferers for which this treatment can help.

So what is Manipulation Under Anesthesia?

It is a procedure that is designed to get in and break up all the scar tissue, adhesions and to release joints and muscles from their dysfunction in order to restore proper range of motion.

What are adhesions and scar tissue?

A good analogy of this is if you continually rub your hands together. Very soon they will get warm. If you continue to do this, they will begin to form calluses and scar tissue. And would likely be painful. The same happens inside the body, but we call this adhesions or scar tissue. In both cases, the body forms this to prevent friction, to stop the action from occurring by forcing your movement less. However, we still use our joints and our backs and over time this escalates until it becomes a chronic problem.

What are the causes of back or hip pain?

The causes are numerous. Some of the most popular issues we see are a result of repetitive motion, so from your job or playing a lot of similar sports. Old car accident injuries can also cause problems even months after the incident. The way we sit, stand, look at our phones also cause this dysfunction that slowly builds up over time. Slowly, the aches and pains from all of this dysfunction makes us tired due to the extra effort it takes to move.

For those patients where it becomes too much and they have tried many things to get out of pain, MUA is a strong possibility if the patient has already tried:

  1. Different therapies including chiropractic, physical therapy, massage etc. The therapies may work for a day or so, but then the pain returns after and you’re finding yourself going back more and more.
  2. Have tried various medications and injections into the afflicted area.
  3. Been told surgery may be the only thing to help it, but you don’t want the surgery. Or if you do want surgery but it’s deemed not bad enough to have it.

If you’ve gone through many of these options and nothing is helping you, then manipulation under anesthesia might be a good option for you. It can also been seen as a last resort before surgery so that you can try this non invasive procedure which gets to the nuts and bolts of the cause, rather than a surgery that might fix it, but then have other side effects.

The procedure is typically carried out three times. You will be put to sleep for a 20 minute or so period and then we take your body through what is effectively an aggressive adjustment to break the scar tissue and help restore range of motion. You will be a little sore after each procedure but the long term prognosis is excellent as over 90% of patients do find relief from it.

So if you are having back or hip pain in Myrtle Beach, and you can’t shake it, give us a call and let us see if we can help you. Call us (843) 804-8100 today and we can help you.