The majority of back pain problems I see in Myrtle Beach are caused by bio-mechanical problems. That is the joint dysfunctions, it compresses, and muscles, nerves and discs create inflammation which leads to pain. There are many contributing factors to this including our lifestyles, the way we work and from accidents and even sports injuries. And of course age and natural degeneration along with genetic and arthritic conditions can all play a part as well.

To help resolve the problem, a mechanical treatment or action is required to overcome the mechanical issue of the pain. While you could take medication to reduce the effects of the pain, it does not solve the problem, so something else is needed. And ignoring the pain because it might go away isn’t an option either (we see so many people saying that when they eventually come into our office). The pain may eventually go away, but it will return and as time goes by, as degeneration slowly continues, the frequency of pain is much greater and the pain increases as well. Moreover, it becomes a lot harder to treat at that point. Bottom line is, get treatment early or do something about it. Be proactive and not reactive.

So what options are there?

Firstly, chiropractic care is the number one treatment for reducing back pain. It is a highly mechanical treatment (the word chiropractic coming from the Greek essentially meaning “done by hand”) and allows for the joints to be decompressed. This decompression helps free trapped nerves, release bulging discs and reduce inflammation in the area and ultimately decrease pain.

Home therapies such as inversion tables, stretching exercises, foam rollers and the like are also excellent for the back.

Physical therapy is another option as they have their own therapies which include stretching techniques and much more.

Yoga is also a great way to help with managing back pain with all the stretches and the like.

So all the above are great ways to help manage back pain. If you are in a great deal of pain, taking medication while under going any or all of the above can help tremendously. But it is vital to note that medication on its own only masks the problem and does not fix it. Furthermore, reliance on medication also opens up potential side effects and perhaps even addiction. Only the mechanical treatment will go towards fixing the problems that mechanical issues have caused.

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