Great Shoulder Pain Tips

Shoulder pain is perhaps one of the trickiest conditions we deal with at Back Pain Relief Center in Myrtle Beach. Due to the complex nature of the shoulder and the many elements that combine to create the joint, it’s often tricky to diagnose and then treat. Like with most things, the best thing to do if you have any shoulder pain, mild or major, is to come on in and we can examine it and get it properly imaged so we can understand what’s going on. Such problems you can experience with shoulder pain include arthritis, rotator cuff, bursitis and imbalance of the muscular region in and around the shoulder area.

If you come in to see us, we will examine you and likely take some imaging such as MRI so we can understand totally what is going on. Once we have this knowledge, we can treat the condition accordingly.

Until you come to us, there are some good things you can do to help with your shoulder pain, and the initial tips really apply to when it’s just starting to hurt.

  1. If you workout a lot, try hanging from a bar for 20 seconds or so. This helps to stretch out the shoulder and basically decompress the joint. Because of the way we function, there is always a great deal of stress on the shoulders which causes it to compress, dysfunction and potentially cause further problems. By hanging for a while, you decompress the shoulder allowing it to return to its proper alignment and thus relieve pressure and pain on it.
  2. Stretching exercises can be very good for shoulder pain if you can bear it. There are many videos on YouTube where you can see how to exercise your shoulder properly. Yoga too can help. If it hurts to exercise, and indeed to hang from tip 1, then stop what you are doing and come in and see us so we can provide a proper examination. Do not attempt to continue exercising or pushing the shoulder any further.
  3. Take some anti inflammatory medicine such as Ibroprufen. This helps reduce inflammation. You can also ice the area for 20 minutes (no more, no less) to help reduce inflammation too.
  4. Of course chiropractic care is an excellent option, but you can also try physical therapy as well.
  5. If the pain is too much to bear and you’ve tried all the above, pain management doctor may be able to help by providing an injection into the afflicted area. This will help with relieving the pain, but it is also important to still attack the source of the problem too. When medicated, you can try chiropractic and PT to help heal your shoulder properly.

If the condition is severe, then you may be then a candidate for Manipulation Under Anesthesia or MUA for short. MUA allows us to aggressively treat the condition by putting you asleep for 20 minutes or so and performing a series of chiropractic maneuvers which you would otherwise be unable to bear if you were awake. The treatment has the same effect of a dozen or so regular therapies. While it may sound harsh, the procedure actually makes life easier because you just need to come in the once, it’s cheaper and you will feel a big improvement much sooner. MUA is extremely effective with chronic shoulder pain and we have in excess of a 90% success rate in relieving pain through it.

Whatever your pain level in your shoulder is, try the above, but if it is quite uncomfortable, just come in and see us so we can examine you properly and get you back on the road to recovery quicker. We take insurance and we are walk in friendly. Call usĀ (843) 804-8100 or message us on Facebook.


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Dr Ray Marquez DC

Dr Ray Marquez DC is a chiropractor and the owner of Back Pain Relief Center. He has two branches, one in Vineland, New Jersey, the other in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To learn more about him, check his site at Back Pain Relief Center Vineland or Back Pain Relief Center Myrtle Beach

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