Neck pain without neurological compromise is known as mechanical neck pain. Mechanical neck pain normally doesn’t have one cause. It is commonly related to a loss of mobility, poor activity tolerance, increased pressure pain sensitivity (hypersensitivity to a normal stimulus), and increased joint position sense error (hard time reproducing the same movement when repeated multiple times). Doctors of chiropractic, like Myrtle Beach neck pain adjustment often treat patients with these types of complaints. We are going to look at how high-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation (the number one type of treatment used by chiropractors, or an adjustment), helps the patients.

In a 2018 study that comprised of 54 patients with mechanical neck pain, these patients received either a real cervical thrust manipulation or a sham cervical thrust manipulation. Evaluations following treatment found that the real group experienced improvements regarding JPSE (neck rotation and extension), pressure pain threshold, and disability. Another study found that patients who had this manipulation cervical thrust manipulation experienced a 41 percent improvement in JPSE.

One week later, the real adjustment group patients continued to receive improvements related to disability. This was only after one singular treatment. Doctors of chiropractic like Myrtle beach neck pain adjustment usually give a series of manipulations one to three times a week for one to two weeks following a re-assessment to see if a patient should continue care, or if the person could be released from care and told to return to care on a need be-basis.

Usually, chiropractors will combine a few different treatment methods when managing patients with mechanical neck pain and musculoskeletal conditions to lessen pain and improve function. Myrtle beach neck pain adjustment is going to give you a list of commonly applied services: high velocity manipulation manipulation (thrust with cavitation), mobilization (non-thrust), soft tissue therapies (massage, vibration, muscle release techniques, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release), home exercise training, nutritional counseling, physical therapy modalities, and even more.

As you can see, this type of manipulation has extremely strong research support as being a highly effective management approach for patients that suffer from neck pain of all kinds and a Myrtle beach neck pain adjustment could be just the thing for you.

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