Pain Pills Don’t Always Take Away Back Pain

Pain pills don’t always take away back pain reveals our Myrtle Beach chiropractor. While pain medication certainly has a place in the healing process in back pain, particularly if from acute pain or following surgery, any long term use must be carefully examined and considered.

As you may be aware, we have something of an opioid crisis in the United States, and Myrtle Beach is no exception. The pattern tends to follow that a person takes pain medication for a while, they find the meds give them relief, but then the pain returns once the meds have worn off. So they take more. When that runs out, they go back to their doctor for a repeat prescription and take more, which again helps the pain. Eventually, the doctor cuts the supply, concerned that addiction is happening, and this leaves the patient in trouble, and likely addicted in some way, and certainly in pain.

The trick is that while a person is on pain medication, the actual problem which is causing the pain is addressed. So following surgery, the patient should be following up with prescribed therapies. However, because the medication has taken the pain away (albeit temporarily), the patient slips back from therapy because they feel fine. By the time the pain meds have exhausted, and pain reappears, it is difficult to get back into therapy, and in fact much harder to repair the damage done by lack of proper healing.

Essentially a patient should not be on pain medication for more than a couple of months at best. Pain medications in general do not fix the problem, they are merely a tool to help the person to get the problem fixed. Continued use of medication does not fix the problem and can actually make it worse because the medication simply blocks the pain signals, the patient continues to operate as if there was no problem, and the problem can cause further degeneration. In other words it becomes a downward spiral not only in terms of potential addiction, but increased pain which gets harder and harder to fix.

So what can be done?

For back pain, there have been numerous studies showing chiropractic care as being one of the best ways to manage back pain. If you are sore due to an injury or following surgery, take your medication which will relieve the pain, but then get chiropractic care or physical therapy to actually resolve the problem you are having. The pain medication enables you to withstand the treatment process and fix the issue.

In other words, if you have a problem with your back, by all means see a doctor to get some medication to give you relief, but at the same time, see an expert in back pain, a chiropractor, a physical therapist or orthopedics to actually get the problem resolved. Otherwise, it’s no different to plugging a pipe leak with a towel, it may fix the leak for a while, but it doesn’t fix the overall problem.

Pain pills don’t always take away back pain, but they do help a person to use that time they are on meds to get help to solve the underlying problem of their pain.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We see many back pain patients every week, some in more pain than others, but we know how to help. We know we can get them out of pain and ultimately off of any medication that they may be taking to ease their pain.

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