An Overview of Posture and Headaches

Did you know that headaches/HA can determine the quality of life that a person will live in this world? According to the latest results has shown that 16.6 percent of adults i.e. 18 years and older have suffered from other severe headaches or migraines during the first quarter of the year 2011. This shows the degree of prevalence among the adults who may be experiencing the problem.

What is the research saying?

Another recent study had reported that head pain was the 5th main emergency department cause accounting for 1.2 percent of all outpatients. The number of ED was even more among the female patients that has increased tremendously to rate of 26.1%. ED visits resulted from the potential medications side effects making it among the top causes of headaches among people.

It is important that people know the causes of headache with the available non-medication treatment options or approaches that one can learn from chiropractic expert to get the best management solution for their problem. These might be the reasons why headaches are now so common.

How do posture affect headaches?
The posture of a person can sometimes lead to onset as well as cervicogenic persistence after it has originated in the neck causing headaches. An individual must be aware of the best posture that can reduce the occurrence of headaches especially after walking or sitting of a longer period.

Proper balancing of the body parts is a perfect posture, which everyone should try whenever they want to reduce headaches associated with it. For instance, a person should have a perpendicular line of posture to prevent uneven flow of blood that may lead to imbalance in the brain causing headaches.

What should one do in this case of imbalance?
A combination of shoulder protraction and AHT may sometimes lead to an upper thoracic hump development at the same time potentially leading to a Dowager Hump in any case mid back vertebrae becomes too compressed (wedged). In addition, faulty posture has led to an increase in the rate of mortality by almost 1.44 percent according to the latest research.

However, with chiropractic adjustments, postural corrective care, strength exercise training and posture retraining exercises, you will always get the best solution that would work for you. In such a case, your doctor or chiropractic specialist should assist you find a way of correcting your faulty posture. This will help you stop frequent neck pain as well as headaches. Furthermore, they will help you stop it from progressing into a chronic, which is a permanent condition.

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