Our Myrtle Beach Walk in Chiropractic Services

Back Pain Relief

Our main service is providing relief and pain management to people suffering from back pain. Through adjustments, manipulations, and other methods such as TENs units and roller beds, we provide a comprehensive service to get you out of pain. 

Neck Pain Relief

As with back pain, our goal is to help you manage and eradicate your neck issues. 

Auto Accident Injuries

Been involved in an accident? Get yourself over for us to check you out. We have comprehensive knowledge of the process for auto accident victims and will not only be able to help you feel better (primary objective), but also to put you on the right path of documentation if you need to make a claim. 

Manipulation Under Anesthesia

If you are suffering from chronic pain which is too great to be treated via normal conservative methods, then we can put you to sleep and perform manipulation under anesthesia. This has an extremely high success rate and could mean you do not need to undergo surgery. 

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a very tricky complaint to deal with, but using our services along with other medical doctors, we can help you to manage your effects of fibromyalgia, enabling you to live life more fully. 

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