Should a chiropractor crack you neck? That’s a very popular question I get very often. While many of our videos out there show neck cracks, only about half my patients actually want it done with the other half preferring alternative methods of adjusting the neck.

And thankfully, there are many other ways of achieving the same result. I can actually use myself as an example. My body is quite beat up from several accidents in the past, judo and jiu jitsu, weight lifting and even being a chiropractor puts stress on my back as well. I have a great deal of scar tissue and adhesions built up over the years from all of this. Through all my body’s wear and tear, my back simply will not crack. And we have many patients with the same issue.

So what about those of us who can’t crack or even those who don’t want their neck’s cracked?

We can still treat and we can still achieve the same result through other techniques. Remember, the primary goal of chiropractic treatment is to decompress the joints and to relieve pressure. We can do this through cracking the back or neck in manual therapy or… we can relieve that pressure using soft tissue and myofascial work, using the drop table and using various adjusting instruments. The overall result is the same, joints become decompressed and freer, we just have several different ways we can do that.

Other ways to help decompress the spine include stretching exercises (which we can suggest), icing the area, yoga and even pain relieving back support belts.

So while cracking necks and backs is a very effective way of helping to adjust the spine, it’s not the only way. When you come in for an adjustment, we can talk to you about what we can do for you and how we can help. Remember, if you don’t want to be cracked, just say so, but we will always ask before we do anything anyway. Getting you out of pain comfortably as possible is our aim.