This post is more of an opinion based what I’ve seen over the years as a Myrtle Beach chiropractor and you should always seek legal advice, but should you use an attorney for a Myrtle Beach accident? As you’re probably aware, I see a great many accident victims in my practice. Some injuries are more complex and take a lot of time to treat and heal, while others are more simple whiplash and soft tissue injuries that we can treat more effectively.

Whatever the injury type though, it is always best to get examined and treated as early as possible as these problems can develop into more chronic pain and problems many months after the accident. Indeed, it really doesn’t take a great deal of speed to get a whiplash accident on impact, less than 10mph even.

The medical aspect is just one component to an auto accident injury. Of course, you will likely have car issues, time off work and more to contend with. And this is where an accident attorney can help.

If you are not at fault, there are three basic ways your costs can be covered.

  1. Med Pay
  2. Your own health insurance
  3. Third party payer (the at fault person’s insurance company)

We hear many people saying that the at fault person should pay for repairs and treatment and other associated expenses. Of course, they are right. The issue comes in that the other person’s insurance generally will not pay for anything until after everything has been taken care of. This can leave you with footing the bill up until then either through your own insurance and/or Med Pay.

And of course, you are likely to have co-pays as well.

So while the other party’s insurance is liable for these costs, it’s not as simple as it probably should be. Furthermore, dealing with insurance companies is not easy at the best of times. If you’ve been in an accident there are many other concerns that you are dealing with, a difficult insurance company does not make things any easier.

So if your accident has incurred costs of $1000 which Med Pay and your insurance may have contributed say 80% of, this leaves a further $2000 which will come out of your pocket. And while chiropractors can work with you on these expenses, the hospitals and such can be trickier to deal with.

And this is why an accident attorney who deals with Myrtle Beach auto accident victims comes invaluable. Not only do they know and understand the process and law intimately, they will be able to help you so much quicker and take so much stress off of you while you deal with everything else. Furthermore, most will not even charge you until the matter has been settled which takes a further stress off.

So if you’re a Myrtle Beach auto accident victim, give us a call. We can help treat you and we can also help guide you to where you will get the most help as well.

Give us a call (843) 804-8100 or message me on Facebook. I would love to help.

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Dr Ray Marquez DC is a chiropractor and the owner of Back Pain Relief Center. He has two branches, one in Vineland, New Jersey, the other in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To learn more about him, check his site at Back Pain Relief Center Vineland or Back Pain Relief Center Myrtle Beach

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