Cryotherapy seems to becoming more and more popular here in Myrtle Beach. I’m a big fan of it, I think it’s going to be a great treatment option as it will really help decrease inflammation and improve back and neck pain.

I’m often asked about whether you should ice or heat an area of pain, and as most back or neck pain seems to be from compression of the joints, ice is the better way to go. Why? Because it discourages blood away from the area and helps to decompress those joints. With heating an area of pain, while it feels great at the time, in the long run it offers little help to prolong the pain.

So cryotherapy seems like a great option for this type of pain and while it sounds quite scary the way it’s done, it is safe. You stand in a booth and then they drop the temperature dramatically. It goes so low that you don’t even shiver. You’re in there for a couple of minutes and of course you are completely monitored during that time.

So what happens?

While you are undertaking the therapy, your temperature is reduced drastically. The blood flow to your extremities stops and returns to your core, as if you were freezing to death (you’re not really, you’re under constant monitoring). So like icing a localized area of concern, cryotherapy does the same thing by helping to decompress the joints and reduce inflammation and thus pain.

Like any form of therapy, a couple of visits a week for a while will certainly help to get the most benefits.

It is something I am going to try myself. At present, I simply use ice packs on the parts of my body that are painful and I really notice it when I forget to ice one night. It may also be something I invest in for my practice here in Myrtle Beach in the future as cryotherapy and chiropractic care together would form a formidable arsenal against pain.

If you have any questions about cryotherapy and chiropractic, give me a call or message me on Facebook.