We see many accident injury victims, both here in Myrtle Beach and up in our New Jersey office too. While each state has generally the same guidelines, there are nonetheless small differences. One thing that isn’t different and this is my opinion, is that you should get an accident attorney even if the accident wasn’t your fault. So why?

Insurance Companies Want to Pay as Little as Possible

If you feel the need to see a doctor for any reason that is to do with your accident, however minor, it is my opinion that you should get an accident attorney to help with your case. When in an accident which isn’t your fault, maybe you’ve been rear ended or they side swiped you their insurance company is responsible for your pain and suffering. BUT, insurance companies are not interested in paying out and will pay out as little as possible. That’s where an accident attorney will help as they can get the insurance company to pay what they should pay as opposed to what they will try and get away with paying.

Avoid Out of Pocket Expenses

There is another important reason for getting an accident attorney and that is to pay your doctors bills. Now this may seem a little confusing as the accident wasn’t your fault and absolutely you shouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket, but the simple fact is if you don’t have an attorney, then you will likely have to pay out of pocket until such time you are reimbursed by the insurance company. And only then you hope it is enough to cover the costs. Contrary to popular opinion, the insurance company does not pay the doctor directly, it pays you, the victim.

You Experience Pain in More Ways than One

The other thing is that your pain and suffering does not just include your physical injuries. Think about the expense and inconvenience of having to go to the doctors to be treated, it may be several visits remember. The time taken to get your car repaired, or time off work and a whole other host of issues you may not think about. That third party insurance is responsible for that too, and again, it may not pay out as much as it should if you don’t have an attorney.

Your Medical Bills are Paid by Your Attorney

This brings us onto the next benefit to using an accident attorney. Your medical bills and payments to doctors will be made by your attorney on your behalf. The attorney will collect these payments directly from the insurance company at a later date. This means that another weight has been lifted from your burden, leaving you to focus on getting well and better again, which at the end of the day is what you need to do.

Is it right? Not really, but this is how things generally work with the accident injury system. If you do not have an accident attorney, even if it isn’t your fault, you could still be paying more for your treatment and it may take a while before you are compensated by the third party insurer. And that’s not right, it’s not your fault, so getting yourself an attorney will save you a lot of headaches, even on top of any headaches you may have acquired because of the accident!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I have been helping patients with accident injuries for many years and understand the process very well. You can call 843 804 8100 or shoot me an email direct on [email protected] or even message me on Facebook.