Today, we are going to be talking about why we can’t help everyone,but how we are going to do our best to help as much as we can. 

Here’s a story about why this topic came up. We had a patient come in yesterday who we see once every few months, whether it be for a slight back or neck issue. Last time we saw him, he tweaked his shoulder. We thought we got him fixed up but he came back again with the same exact shoulder problem, but this time it seemed much worse. The patient had a large bruise on their arm and the conclusion we came to is that it was most likely a bicep tendon tear with a rotator cuff tear. Now obviously this specific tear is an orthopedic job, and the patient may potentially need surgery to fix this.

This is where we can’t help. We can’t help him physically, but we can help by getting all the right imaging and speeding the entire process up. There are many doctors out there that take the shortcut; they write the patient a prescription and send them directly to the orthopedic. This is exactly what we could have done; just sent the patient directly to the orthopedic, but this would cause havoc on them. It can be difficult to even get an appointment with a specialist. Once you get in, the proper imaging must be done which can prolong the process for even longer, and keep you in pain or out of work for longer.

What we do here is help speed that process up. We will send you for the proper imaging needed; in this patient’s case an MRI. Our staff will call the orthopedics and tell them that we are referring a patient, which will get you in much sooner. For example, this particular patient had imaging and his appointment all within a three day period. This has in turn shortened the entire recovery process.

So just because we cannot help you physically, like doing chiropractic treatment, it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you out and that we are completely out of the equation. This same story actually goes with back and neck pain. There are some cases where we don’t think chiropractic treatment is appropriate; that you would better benefit from medical intervention.

We have a large pool of doctors that we are connected with such as rheumatologists, orthopedics, pain management doctors, neurologists, and primary care practitioners. We will be sure to get you somewhere that will help you. Come see us at Back Pain Relief Center in Myrtle Beach, NC. Give us a call on 843 804 8100 or message me on Facebook.

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